SA8000 Certification

Accordia is accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services as a Certification Body to offer certification to the SA8000 Standard.  This is a very proud accomplishment since the SA8000 Standard is a leading social certification program, globally.

SA8000 provides an all-inclusive structure for companies of all types and sizes in any industry and in all sourcing countries to demonstrate compliance to ethical and fair treatment of workers.

The SA8000 Standard

The SA8000 Standard is based on internationally recognized standards of workplace practices that are just and respectful of worker’s human rights.  the Standard embodies the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO conventions, and national laws.

SA8000 applies a management-systems approach to social performance and emphasizes continual improvement.

Elements of the Standard:

  • Child Labor
  • Forced or Compulsory Labor
  • Health and Safety
  • Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining

  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • Working Hours
  • Remuneration
  • Management System

Information for SA8000 Clients

All SA8000 clients are required to read and follow the information about various aspects of ACCORDIA’s  SA8000 certification Scheme.

Why Choose Accordia?

  • Accordia is an accredited SA8000 Certification Body authorized to audit and issue certification to the SA8000 Standard
  • Accordia uses only competent and approved SA8000 Social Accountability Auditors to lead our audits
  • CSR auditing has been and continues to be our MAIN business for 20+ years
  • We conduct social audits in all major sourcing, high risk countries
  • Accordia is a Certification Body evidencing strong integrity, professionalism, confidentiality, and adherence to international accreditation requirements
  • Value added audits
  • Auditors familiar with local culture

Certification Activities and Certification Status – Public Access Information

Accordia Global Compliance Group provides the public with information about our Certification Activities and how to obtain information on SA8000 Certified Organizations.

Upon request to Accordia, information regarding our audit and certification processes for granting, maintaining, extending, renewing, reducing, suspending or withdrawing SA8000 certification will be provided.  Additionally, we will provide details about our certification activities and the various types of management systems and the different countries in which we perform certification activities.

Accordia will provide information, upon request, of valid certifications of organizations by name and the standard, scope and location of our certified organizations as well as the status of the organization’s certification, whether in-force, suspended or withdrawn.

Certain information may be limited by law or in the interest of our company and clients’ security.

To obtain a listing of SA8000 Certified Organizations, information may be obtained by visiting or via written request to Social Accountability Accreditation Services, 9 East 37th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY, 10016 United States of America or by phone to +1-(212)391-2106

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