Audit Feedback Form

Your opinion is important to us! Please provide your feedback on the quality of our auditing service including Quotation, Pre-audit, Audit, Post-audit  service. Thank you for helping us to continually improve our processes!

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Not Scored
Administration, Operations and Support Teams:
1. Accordia team was able to explain the Audit process and requirements.
2. Accordia team was able to understand your business requirements and needs.
3. Quotation, Invoice and Pre-Audit information were provided in timely manner.
4. Quotation, Invoice and Pre-Audit information were clear and easy to understand.
5. Accordia Office team was professional and courteous.
6. The website is informative, easy to browse and attractive.
Audit Process – Audit Team
1 . The auditor(s) dress appropriately for your industry and local culture.
2. The auditor(s) explained the audit process clearly and agreed on audit plan during opening meeting.
3. The auditor(s) were punctual and allocated sufficient time to various activities during audit.
4. The auditor(s) communicated professionally with management and workers.
5. The auditors were familiar with your business process and industry.
6. The auditors were familiar with local laws and standard/code requirements.
7. The auditors were open minded and willing to listen to your opinion.
8. Audit findings were useful, practical, and value-added.
8. Audit reports were detailed, clearly written and useful.
10. Auditors presented audit findings, explained the follow up process to close NCs clearly during closing meeting.
11. Report was presented within required timeframe.
12. The Certificate was issued (where required) in timely manner.