CTPAT MSC Supply Chain Security

ACCORDIA has been conducting Supply Chain Security audits since 2000, before the disastrous events of September 11, 2001.  With the advent of the U.S. Government’s Customs and Border Protection program, known as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT), Accordia was one of the first audit companies to work with the CTPAT protocol and Minimum Security Criteria for Importers.

Enhancements to the CTPAT program, protocol and reporting have occurred since those early years and Accordia has continued to perform Supply Chain audits to the various Minimum Security Criteria including Importers, Manufacturers, Brokers, Highway Carriers and Ocean Shippers.

ACCORDIA performs advisory and training services to assist supply chain manufacturers and exporters in offshore/foreign locations to develop, implement systems to ensure compliance to customer requirements and the CTPAT MSC.

Accordia has broad knowledge and expertise in security management systems and has successfully assisted clients in securing membership in CTPAT.

Our CTPAT member clients include:

  • Multinational manufacturer and importer of sewn apparel with supply chain of over 100 suppliers in high risk countries
  • Multiple Growers and Importers of bananas, tropical fruits and melons from South and Central America
  • Ocean Shipping company providing conveyance for importation of fruits to the United States

ACCORDIA CTPAT audits are conducted based on an established audit protocol that includes a full site audit:

  • Pre-audit preparation (document checklist, audit plan, expectations)
  • Opening Meeting to explain the CTPAT audit process
  • Facility Inspection for physical security, shipping area, seal  – export – container control
  • Interviews with Management to obtain information on security policies, practices and training
  • Documentation Review
  • Sharing of issues or concerns by way of Closing Meeting

Auditing Services