Ethical and Code of Conduct Audits

Ethical and Code of Conduct audits provide key information to support sourcing decisions.   When considering new suppliers, your company’s main concern is risk to reputation and protection of your brand image.  Your business lives by its mission and values and you want to deliver those same expectations of your supply chain.

ACCORDIA provides Ethical Audits as part of due diligence when selecting new business partners or to simply measure performance and benchmark existing suppliers.

Today’s most successful companies develop and implement their own Supplier Code of Conduct or  Ethics Code. These codes help to ensure that suppliers comply with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements in their countries.

Benefits to an Accordia Ethical Audit:

  • Protects REPUTATION by understanding the compliance practices within your supply chain.
  • Verify supplier labor, health and safety, environmental and ethical practices.
  • Obtain information to assess risk in certain industries and regions.


An Accordia Ethical Audits are based on protocols and guidance from sources including:

  • Local/National Labor Laws and Regulations for the countries of operation
  • Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code (ETI)
  • International Labor Organzation Conventions and UN Declarations (ILO)
  • SMETA 2 and 4 Pillar audit protocols (SMETA 2P/4P)
  • Social Accountability International SA8000 (SAI)
  • Social Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) Certification.

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