Social Compliance

Through code of conduct audits, we can help your brand ensure your business is in alignment with your social compliance goals.

Brand/Retailer Audits

Many US retail brands have designated Accordia as approved monitors for their social compliance programs. Included in the list of brands are: Walmart/Sam’s Club, American Sugar Refining Group, Clif Bar, Under Armour, Gildan Activewear, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Walgreens, and The Adidas Group among many others. Each brand selects monitors based on the audit company’s body of knowledge, experience and capabilities. These approvals signify and are testimony of the individuals within Accordia and their strength and acceptance by the brand community.

Internationally Recognized Codes

Accordia is accredited by Sedex, WRAP, and the Fair Labor Association to conduct code of conduct audits throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Asian Sub-Continent.

Internal audits 

If your company is looking for internal auditing needs, Accordia can customize your auditing needs to meet the requirements of your various customer requirements.