About Us

Accordia Global Compliance Group was established in March 2001 in response to North American brands seeking professional, competent and affordable monitoring and certification of factories within their supply chains.

Accordia was founded under three simple and straightforward business principles that provide a 'License to Operate' in this industry:

  • Recruit, professionally train, and qualify personnel that will service their clients
  • Anticipate, understand, and fulfill the expectations and needs of their clients
  • Return value to their clients through responsive, accurate, and timely delivery of services

In 2002, Accordia was granted accreditation by Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) for the country of Honduras within the Americas. Today, Accordia Global Compliance Group is accredited by WRAP in several countries that are the main sourcing regions in the world for apparel including Nicaragua, Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. 

In 2003 Accordia expanded its offerings to include monitoring, auditing and consulting to widely accepted standards including SA8000 and the Fair Labor Association’s Workplace Code of Conduct. In that same year and afterwards, leading brands and companies have come to rely on Accordia Global Compliance Group to provide supply chain monitoring to their own codes of conduct. Included in this list are Levi Strauss & Company, Wal-Mart, New Era Cap Company, Gildan Activewear and Talbots. 

Today, Accordia operates from our headquarters located in Saint Augustine, FL from which local customer support and global operations are directed. 16 staff professionals provide focused support in the areas of Client Services, Quality Assurance, Legal and Regulatory Research, Marketing and Administration and Finance. 


Global Operations

Accordia Global Compliance Group is a truly global company with capabilities, representation and staff in various countries. Monitors and staff are located in the countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, The Philippines, Vietnam and China. Accordia’s head office provides close oversight and employs local monitors within these countries that are familiar with national laws and regulations, regional customs and local practices of factories. All monitoring/audit personnel are perfectly bilingual in English and their own native language. Over 80% of the audit staff is dedicated monitoring professionals working solely for Accordia Global Compliance Group. The remaining personnel include subject matter and legal experts that are contracted and utilized on an as-needed basis. 

Accordia maintains offices outside the United States in the countries of Bangladesh and China. The newest office in China services Asia and Southeast Asia.